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Immigration experts customize your private plan

By communicating with professional in-house legal team and immigration consultants, we offer you one-stop service according to your individual circumstances. Guarantee the success rate and efficiency of immigration cases. Your satisfaction is our goal.


Strong project development capabilities

We have professional real estate developing and financing team. We have lot of high-quality real estate projects prepared for you. We have a regional center operate permission and fund-raising qualification. Look forward to you to join us.


Mature catering operations team

In addition to high-quality real estate projects, we also have a chain catering company, the manager team is professional. We have three operating chain restaurant brands. We also have long term strategic cooperation with the famous chain Chinese supermarket--good luck.


What we can do?

Founded in Los Angeles California, USA, J&C International Group LLC has a vast amount of resources, including America real estate investment, private equity funding, business development & management, legal service and immigration consulting service. The company finances, develops and manages properties across the United States. Introduce Chinese clients a professional platform for oversea investment.

Real estate investment & financing services

We offer investors high quality real estate project, we rise funding for project developer.


Internet financial services

Creating a new cross-border finance and investment crowdfunding platform, we carefully select projects for you, updates constantly to help you easily finance, rational your investment.


Legal service

We have our own law firm, always standing on your perspective, providing one-stop legal consulting service.


Immigration Services

A wealth of experience handling immigration, top copywriter legal team, helping you achieve your immigration goal with our patience.


Ongoing projects Recommendation

J&C International Group LLC will asset allocation and profit model-driven, take direct investment as the main investment. We put the safety of the investors’ green cards in the first place and strive to achieve solid profit development model. More specific projects and the introduction of investment projects, please click on the plate.


Team Communication

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Marketing Director and Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton

CEO and Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton

CEO and Mayor of the City of Olympia, Washington

Economic Director, Mayor of Washington and CEO

CEO and Former Governor of New York

CEO and Governor of Illinois

Our Corporate Business Immigration Counsel with the former Chief Counsel and Acting Director of USCIS

Former US Immigration Directors and J&C Legal Team

Mayor of Washington and CEO

Chairman & CEO accepted Certificate of Congressional Recognition Clinton


We are committed to provide better service

- Real Estate Financing
- Regional Center Qualification
- Professional Legal Team
- Advertising & Marketing
- Catering Managing Team
- Private Equity Qualification

J&C International Group: Honorary Member of AMERICAN-CHINESE CEO SOCIETY (ACCS), Honorary Member of ASIAN AMERICAN

Years of Experience
Customers’ Trust
Professional Consultants
High Quality Projects

Our Partners

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